Your safety and comfort is our #1 priority and we hold ourselves to the highest local and international standards. We go to every extent to ensure that your Captain’s Aviation experience is one of luxury & seamlessness without compromising on safety or security.

What happens if my flight to Jamaica is delayed?

Don’t worry, we track all of our passengers flights and will accompany you to make sure that everything is handled once you arrive in Jamaica.

Where do you fly to?

We fly to various destinations across Jamaica. Check out our Destinations page to see some of the featured destinations where we fly!

Can I fly to destinations that aren’t listed as your Featured Destinations?

Of course! We can cater our flights to your needs, just contact us and let us know where you want to go and we can help you book your flight.

What do I do if my Captain’s Aviation flight is cancelled?

If your flight has to be cancelled for any reason, we will make sure that either another flight is scheduled to get you to your destination or we will arrange ground transportation for you.

What happens if I have too many passengers?

If you have too many passengers, we will simply schedule an additional flight (at cost) to get everyone to your destination. We have a max capacity of 4 passengers per flight.

How many bags can I bring with me?

We have to limit the amount of weight our helicopter carries, so each flight will limit the amount of bags on-board depending on the amount of passengers. As a good rule of thumb, all carry on bags should be under 35 lbs and all large suitcases should be under 60 lbs. If you are traveling with 4 passengers, only small personal items such as purses or backpacks can be carried.

Why should I charter a helicopter rather than just take a car?

Helicopter charter is a much more efficient means of transportation and can greatly cut down your travel time, allowing you to free up time to enjoy your vacation or business trip. On average, we save our clients over 3 hours on travel with our point - to - point transfers.

Do I have to charter an entire flight or can I just purchase one seat?

Soon, we are rolling out a new membership program that will allow our clients to crowdsource flights and sell remaining seats they won’t be using or book by the seat for select pre-scheduled flights to featured destinations. Subscribe to our blog for updates on the progress of our XLR8 crowdsourcing platform

Why does Captain’s Aviation need to know my weight? Is there a weight limit for passengers?

We collect each traveler’s weight so that we can help our operator monitor the total weight load of each flight. This is a Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) regulation that must be met in order to ensure your safety and the safety of those flying with you. There is no defined weight limit per passenger, but there is an overall weight limit and distribution allocated on a per aircraft basis. We strictly adhere to this. Captain’s Aviation reserves the right to request a traveler change seats, shift flight times or purchase additional seats due to these regulations. This is a JCAA regulation that must be met in order to ensure your safety and the safety of those flying with you.

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